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A few products that ePrint has created together for your online viewing. If you want more, email us and request samples of our work.

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  Custom Print!
Start by choosing your stock and a text layout that approximates your needs, then enter and edit your text, logos, fonts, colors and styles.

make my own
  Quick Print!
Choose from a selection of templates that have the CD/DVD, artwork and some sample text pre-entered. You simply edit the template for your product.

1. Choose a Product
- Available products will show up here.
CDR products
2. Choose a Layout
- Some graphic and text arrangements are predefined. All with full background printing.

- Want something different? email us!
CDR layouts
3. Choose Background
- We have a limited Stock Library you are welcome to choose from.

- Upload your own graphic.
CDR backgrounds
  Quickprint templates have not been enabled for CDR/DVD-R as most people have wanted to make their own designs from scratch.

If you need or would like to see templates for them, please contact us! and we'll see what we can do!
Steps after here are the same for Custom Print or Quick Print
4. Add Your Text
- text boxes will show, along with the default size and Font.

- If you are editing 'All Text' the feilds will be filled in.
CDR text entry / edit
If you are coming from 'Quick Print' all the feilds will be filled in with the sample text.

Use this opportunity to edit them all at once.
5. Preview
Shows your product with your text and the graphics you selected.

Click on any text feild on the proof image to edit that specific text's formatting.
(See Below)
CDR art
  What You See
Preview graphics are web-optimized, this lets us quickly present your proofs on-line.

When one color overpowers another, it will not look good on the screen. but will print perfectly.

If something doesn't look right, we email you before printing it.
6. Edit Your Work
You can customize your product even further with controls below. Individually alter fonts, colors and style of text blocks, Add your own or our stock graphics, even serialize your discs!

Just edit and preview again until you are happy with it.
  Edit TEXT
- all text or
- font face
- font size
- font color
- font style
- stock background
- your background
- extra logo
- your logo
Edit JOB
- job name
- change product
- change layout
- serial number
- quantity/price
- add to cart
  CDR controls
Here are some ideas that you could use ePrinted CDRs & DVD-Rs for.

favorite photo

Using your own software, crop it to a square, 150 DPI, RGB, JPEG is best


Take Your Photo or Artwork

Favorite Photo on CD

ePrint prints the CDR or DVD-R and you record it - now you can show it off in style!

great for...
Product Launch
Music Demo
Wedding Album
Family Album
Marketing Collateral
School Projects
Project Delivery
Demo Disc

80 minute CDR
700 MB Data uncompressed
Matte Silver or White finish
Individually packed in
unprinted Card Sleeve

4x DVD-R
White finish
Individually packed in
unprinted Card Sleeve

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