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Corporate Membership Information


corporate members can utilize all the functionality of members of the ePrint Network, and also have their own unique design website, where their corporate image is maintained.    

want more info? a quote? First log in, so we know who you are. Then send us by email or by regular mail, samples of the items you would like to image manage. We'll contact you when we receive the material and see what we can set up.

You can also email us if you'd like to be contacted.

about corporate membership
Any company that operates in more than one area, has more than one office or has staff that work remotely has the same problem - consistency of image.

We take your designs and set up a seperate website where only your authorized personel can enter and create stationary for your company. Alternatively, head office can control the design and ePrint can ship to wherever!

don't want to change printers?
  Good! Great actually. We set the ePrint-Network up to work -for- printers, so that printers would have a valuable web service to offer their clients.

If you like the idea of a corporate ePrint-Network that uses your existing printer - have your printer contact us, or tell us about them and we'll hook up. Perhaps they can produce your work through our system - as an ePrint Associate!

see it in action
  This technology was deployed as part of an Alberta Government procurement bid in 1999.

You can typeset and preview a letterhead with your own information, as if you were an Alberta Gov't dept.

At a later date we will put up a demo that can do more than letterhead - but we're a little busy right now!

Click here to demo-design a letterhead!

    D E T A I L S (corporate members get all regular member benefits)

You get 10% off regular prices on all printed products, 5% off equipment and supplies. Occasionaly more, as member-only specials will be run from time to time.

graphic upload
You can upload your own graphics. The system saves them and allows you to manage your graphics as a library.

printed catalog
From time to time we release a printed catalog, with material swatches, print samples and much more. This catalog will be mailed to all members.

electronic coupons/ free bonus

Also from time to time as we release new products, members will receive prior announcements and coupons or bonus discounts for the new products.

    D E T A I L S (anyone)

design on line
Our full design engine is available to you. Interactively layout and design your own products, changing graphics, fonts, colors, sizes until you get it just the way you like it.

access ePrint Layouts
  A variety of text and graphics layouts have been designed for each product. You have the full range of these to choose from.

access ePrint Graphics
  Choose from our ever-growing collection of graphics for your design. If you want your own graphics, you will need to login as a member to activate the graphics management functions.

email support
  We'll do our best to look after you on each job. Please quote the proof number and job name when making inquiries.

save designs
  Your work is automatically saved and can be retrieved anytime from the front page by keying in the Proof number. If you have already ordered the product you are trying to find, you must log in first to see it. If the order was completed, you will not see the product, but a duplicated version of it that you can edit. This preserves all printed work.

Once you are logged in you can view thumbnails of all the items you have ever ordered and reorder as required.

save client/order info
  Your contact information is automatically saved and can be updated anytime by logging in and selecting 'update'. Anything you have ordered, or created while previously logged in will be available in a thumbnail list for review, ordering and reordering.

online order tracking
  You can list all your orders shipped and track any order shippied via any traceable carrier with a single click.

Questions?, Need Help? M-F 8:00 - 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time, call (403) 452-5253.
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