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Getting Started
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Choose Select Pick
a product   a layout   stock or background

Select CDR text Layout

...from an assortment of predefined text and/or graphic layouts. Sample text shows you where the text areas are.

Pick Background CDR

...from an ever-growing collection of backgrounds, sorted by category.

Enter Pick Change
your text   your proof   almost anything
Enter CDR text

...in a text entry screen that also shows a placement guide.

Check CDR Proof

...to view your work so far.

Change CDR Design

...using the links provided.

add Determine Then
even more   qty (& price)   whatever you like
Add Additional Graphics

...additional graphics links show up if they apply to your product, they are also categorized for easy locating.

Pick your quantity

...select a quantity. Current price breaks are shown beside each quantity.

Buy, Edit, Save...

...our 'duplicate and edit' feature is a fast easy way to reorder slight variations of your design.

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