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How graphics are displayed online.
The graphics used for our products are optimized for on-screen usage. This can result in a somewhat rough look or white boxes around graphics. However, when the product is actually printed, the graphics are printed at a high resolution.

Sample ticket which shows how a clip art graphic looks online compared to when it is printed:

Graphic on a sample ticket as seen online
Same graphic as ticket is printed

For CDRs, the graphic can be uploaded and our system will automatically mask out areas not printed - you do not have to figure out where the hole is going (except if an important part of the graphic is in the middle).

Graphic as uploaded (these samples are scaled by 50 per cent for display)
Graphic as printed on CDR (note: text was added when CDR was ordered)

When computer based graphic design was first introduced, there was an expression What You See is What You Get (W Y S I W Y G - pronounced WizzyWig.) The graphics industry has, over the years, discovered that the expression should be:
W Y S I M O L W Y G - What You See Is More Or Less What You Get.

While we have very advanced tools for online proofing of your product, please remember that when your product is delivered, it will be better than what you saw when you ordered it.

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