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Uploading graphics and photos to your eprint-network account.

1. Make sure you are logged in

If you are not logged in, the system has no way to know that you have uploaded graphics.

2. Click the link "upload a new graphic image"

This can be found when you are changing backgrounds or logos within a variety of products such as tickets, cdr's, etc. This link is also available when you enter the "view your own library of graphics" page.

3. Click on the browse button, and then look on your own computer for the graphic you wish to upload.

When you have chosen an image, click the Add to My Library button.

A rule of thumb is to make sure the graphic is 500 pixles wide and /or tall and in RGB format.

HOWEVER: Please check for specific sizing instructions on particular products before uploading your graphics.

4. Click "Update Info" to finish uploading the image.

You can add the optional description for organizational purposes.

5. Click on the image you wish to use on your procuct.

When you return to your library of images, you will get a choice of any image you have uploaded to your account. Choose the image you just uploaded or select another image. You can even select another library of stock images if that is your preference.

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